Training & Education

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For further training and information on registering a trial or submitting results, please see the following webinars created by the team in March 2011. Each session also provides the handouts and transcript of the presentation accessible from the link to the right of the PowerPoint slideshow.

Overview of and Related Policies

  1. Understanding the Definition of a Clinical Trial and What That Means for You (Audio 8min)
  2. Overview of New NIH Policies on Human Subjects Research and Clinical Trials (Video 15min)
  3. Overview of (Video 28min)
  4. Key FDAAA Issues (Video 9min)
  5. The Ethical and Scientific Importance of Clinical Trial Registration and Results Reporting (Eileen Duffy RPh Memorial Lecture) featuring Deborah Zarin, M.D., Director of (Video 55min) 
  6. Updates in Registration And Results Reporting for Clinical Trials on (Video 11min)

Submitting Results Data

  1. Results: Participant Flow Module (Video 17min)
  2. Results: Baseline Characteristics Module (Video 12min)
  3. Results: Outcome Measures and Statistical Analyses Module (Video 13min)
  4. Results: Adverse Events Module (Video 12min)