Performance Sites

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Performance Site approval documentation is required for all research involving any site below which includes systematic participant recruitment, research impacting site staff time, and/or research impacting site financial reimbursement.
***All research activity at a performance site cannot proceed until the PI receives approval from the Rutgers IRB and the performance site.
Examples of Research Activities Requiring Performance Site Approval:
  1. Recruiting on-site
  2. Using hospital staff to provide a service
  3. Using hospital staff as study personnel
  4. Using a room
  5. Using equipment
  6. Accessing medical records (including chart reviews)

Performance Site Approval Instructions

  1. Complete a Research Utilization Group (RUG) Form (RBHS Users Online Printable Form (Must be accessed From Rutgers Network); Non-RBHS Users Printable PDF). For questions about this form, reach out to your RUG Form Department Contacts (PDF).
  2. Email your completed RUG Form to the RWJUH RUG Committee for approval (View RUG Committee email). It does not have to be approved before your eIRB request is submitted for review.
  3. Once approved by the RWJUH RUG Committee, attach your approved RUG Form to your eIRB submission and add it as a performance site for your study in eIRB.
  1. If yes, your study must have both of the following included in eIRB: (a) Add "University Hospital" as a performance site in your eIRB application. (b) Your "OCRA confirmation email" should be attached with your eIRB submission to provide proof of registration and/or review.

***Please note that University Hospital will not provide final approval for a study until after it has been approved by the IRB. You will be directed in the confirmation e-mail from NJMS-OCRA to forward your IRB approval notice once received, so that the UH registration/approval process can be completed.


  1. Using a UBHC Human Subject Research Form, obtain site approval from UBHC before submitting your study to the Rutgers IRB.
  2. Complete the following actions when you submit your study in eIRB.
    1. Add UBHC as a research site.
    2. Attach your approved UBHC Human Subject Research Form in your eIRB submission.