OLAW Assurance
New Brunswick / Piscataway / Camden D16-00169
Newark D16-00098
  USDA Registration
New Brunswick / Piscataway / Camden 22-R-0025
Newark 22-R-0153
New Brunswick / Piscataway / Camden 000730
Newark 000534


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For Industry Sponsored Research Only

  1. All industry sponsored research;
  2. Sponsored research where the sponsor or subawardee does not have it's own IAUCUC and requires the services of the Rutgers IACUC to complete review;
  3. Unaffiliated investigators (those investigators who are not Rutgers paid faculty, Rutgers staff, or Rutgers residents, students, and fellows);
Fee Schedule (All IACUCs)
  • Initial or De Novo (i.e., Triennial) Review: $1,700;
  • Continuing/Annual Review, which also covers the cost of an amendment at the time of such review: $450;
  • Modifications/Amendments: $350;
  • Site Visits: $500 per site visit + travel costs;

No fees for are charged for review of the following:

  • Unanticipated Problem or Other Similar Compliance Reports
  • Addition of Personnel and Other Administrative Types of Actions

For Not-for Profit, University, Governmental, and Other Similar Research

Please contact Laszlo M. Szabo, Esq. to obtain this fee schedule.

Contact Us

For all direct questions pertaining to IACUC fees please contact:

Laszlo M. Szabo, Esq., Director, ORRA