How to Submit

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IRB Submission Process (Steps 1-5)

Identify Your IRB


Post IRB Approval Actions

***You must stay with your original submission method until your study is closed (e.g. paper studies remain in paper, eIRB studies remain in eIRB).


How To Submit

Which IRB Should I Use?
For All New Studies (All IRBs: HealthSci & ArtSci / All Campuses)
  • All new submissions must be submitted through the eIRB website.
For Open Paper Studies Only
  • Rutgers Health Sciences IRB New Brunswick/Piscataway
    • For current unconverted paper studies, complete the appropriate HealthSci IRB Paper Form and send a hardcopy of your submissions via campus mail to the HealthSci IRB.
  • Rutgers Arts & Sciences IRB