How to Submit

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Submission Instructions

  1. Identify Your IRB to confirm you submit to the correct IRB Office.
  2. Review the all related guidance and toolkit items provided by the IRB Office to ensure your submission includes all required elements and follows best practices.
  3. Complete your supporting documents using any forms and templates provided by the Rutgers IRB Office.
  4. Submit your review request using the eIRB Web-Based Submission System (NetID Required).

REMEMBER: Your local IRB is ready to assist you!!!

  • For Currently Approved Paper Studies: The submission procedures are different and do not utilize the eIRB System. For the HealthSci Science IRB, complete the appropriate HealthSci IRB Paper Form and email your submission to the IRB with a brief summary explaining the purpose of the submission. For the Arts & Sciences IRB, follow their paper submission process. (View Instructions).
  • Required Ancillary Reviews: The Rutgers IRB may require additional approvals from external sources. Some examples include: Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) (e.g. Hazardous Materials, Radiation Safety), Scientific Review Boards (e.g. CINJ), Performance Site Approvals (e.g. hospital sites), Letter of Cooperation/Site Approval, etc. To learn more, contact your local IRB.

IRB Submission Process (Steps 1-5)

Identify Your IRB


Post IRB Approval Actions

***You must stay with your original submission method until your study is closed (e.g. paper studies remain in paper, eIRB studies remain in eIRB).