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Electronic Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (eIACUC)

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eIACUC is a web-based system that automates the protocol submission and review process. The system will also automate other federally mandated IACUC functions such as facility inspections, program reviews, concerns, meetings, etc. This system is replacing the current protocol submission and review systems, including ACFC, and should increase the efficiency of the IACUC review process.

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Training Documents

Training Videos

  • Using eIACUC (35mins)
    • This training can be viewed in sections. Click the third icon, Chapters, on the bottom of the screen to view a specific section. To enlarge the screen, click the Pop Out button on the top right hand side of the screen.

Training Workshops

To register for a eIACUC Training workshop below, please use this link [ Register for a Training Workshop ].

If you have a conflict with the dates/times listed, please contact us to set up a separate training.

eIACUC Training Workshops

All training sessions can be accessed remotely through video conferencing.

  • [Contact the IACUC Office to set up individual or team training sessions.]

Newark Campus: Medical Science Building - Room A508 (A Level)

  • [Contact the IACUC Office to set up individual or team training sessions.]


If you have any questions or need assistance using eIACUC, please contact your local IACUC office.