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Q. How do I complete CITI training as a new user?
A. New Rutgers CITI Users must log into CITI using their Rutgers NetID. Then they must complete any required courses depending on their activities at Rutgers (see required courses).
Q. How do I complete CITI training if I have completed CITI in the past or when I was at another institution.
A. Log into your CITI account and affiliate with Rutgers University. Then "Add a Course" and complete any newly added courses required by Rutgers University.
Q. How will my research activities be affected by the CITI Training requirement?
A. Any study staff including the PI, who have not completed the required CITI courses, will not be allowed to participate in any study related activities until the appropriate CITI Training is completed.
Q. I received a message that I need to take a CITI refresher course. What do I need to do?
A. When you complete a CITI course, it usually expires in 3 years. Before your course expires, you will be required to complete a shortened refresher course on the same topic which will satify your training requirement for another 3 years.

CITI Errors

Q. I just affiliated with Rutgers University in CITI and I do not see the course(s) that I am required to complete.

A. You will need to "Add a Course" to add the Rutgers Courses to your CITI account. Then you can complete them. Note, the same courses may have different modules and you may need to complete missing modules to successfully complete to meet Rutgers requirements.

Q. I completed my required Rutgers CITI courses and the IRB Office is unable to see them in eIRB.

A. You should complete all of the following trouble-shooting activities:

  1. Wait 24hrs for the CITI data to be synced (updated) in eIRB.
  2.  Complete the one time account syncing procedures for users with personal CITI accounts which were not created with a Rutgers NetID.
  3. For Non-Rutgers users, you must affiliate with Rutgers University in CITI to transfer your courses to your Rutgers CITI account. Don't forget to "Add a Course" after affiliating and check if the transferred courses are the same and meet Rutgers requirements. You may need to re-complete some additional modules for certain courses as needed.
  4. Always use your Rutgers NetID to log into your CITI account.

Using CITI

Q. What institution do I choose as a new or past Rutgers CITI user?
A. Select “Rutgers- The State University of New Jersey (All Campuses)”.
Q. Can I log into CITI with my Rutgers NETID?
A. Yes, users must use their Rutgers NETID to log into their CITI account. Users who used CITI in the past, without their NetID, will need to complete a one time sync of their account and use their NETID going forward (See: How to Log Into CITI Using Your Rutgers NetID).
Q. How do I print my CITI Certificate?
A. To print your CITI Certificate (Completion Report): 1) Visit the CITI website; 2) Log in using your account information; 3) Go to "My Reports"; 4) Click "View" Completion Report; 5) Print as a PDF.


Please review the CITI instructional materials. If you need further assistance, visit the CITI webpage Help section.