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Q. How do I complete CITI training if I have never taken CITI Training or Rutgers HSCP Training?
A. New users will need to create a new CITI account and affiliate with Rutgers University to see required courses which need to be completed (Basic Course).
Q. How do I complete CITI training if I have completed Rutgers HSCP Training but I have never taken CITI Training at Rutgers or at any other Institution?
A. You will need create a new CITI account, affiliate with Rutgers University, and complete a CITI Refresher Course instead of the full CITI training course.
Q. How do I complete CITI training if I have completed CITI in the past or when I was at another institution.
A. Log into your current CITI account and affiliate with Rutgers University. Then complete any newly added courses required by Rutgers University.
Q. How will my studies be affected by the CITI Training Requirement?
A. For new studies: the PI and all Key Personnel who have not completed CITI will not be allowed to begin any study related activities until proof of CITI completion is submitted. Current Studies: will not be affected until their time of renewal or when adding key personnel. Continuing Review Approval will only be granted when proof of CITI completion is provided.
Q. I received a message that I need to take the CITI refresher but I have already completed it at Rutgers within the last year. What do I need to do?
A. You received a general reminder. No action is required as long as you are affiliated with Rutgers University and completed all required courses.

Using CITI

Q. What institution do I choose as a new or past CITI user?
A. Select “Rutgers- The State University of New Jersey (All Campuses)”.
Q. Can I log into CITI with my NETID?
A. No, your NETID does not apply to the CITI website. It is not a site managed by Rutgers University.
Q. What e-mail address should I use when creating a new account?
A. Use your official Rutgers e-mail address. It should be the same one you used in eIRB (if applicable).
Q. After logging into CITI, I see new incomplete modules, how does that effect my CITI certification and when should they be completed?
A. They will not affect your current CITI certification. They may be required when your current certification needs to be renewed.
Q. How do I print my CITI Certificate?
A. To print your CITI Certificate (Completion Report): 1) Visit the CITI website.; 2) Log in using your account information; 3) Go to "My Reports"; 4) Click "View" Completion Report;


Please review the CITI instructional materials. If you need further assistance, visit the CITI webpage Help section.