ArtSci IRB Paper Submission Instructions

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ArtSci Submission Steps

  1. Complete and sign your form(s) with all applicable attachments with the form first and then the attachments in order;
  2. Scan your completed submission into one PDF file;
  3. E-mail Your Submission to;
  4. You will receive an automated confirmation e-mail (auto-reply) indicating that your e-mailed submission has been received; Please check your Spam folder. If you do not receive this reply (within 5-10 minutes, depending on your internet connection), you should contact the ArtSci IRB staff for assistance. Do not resend your submission to avoid duplicate submissions.

ArtSci Submission Tips

  • Your E-mail Body should include a very brief description of the reason for your submission and include your e-mail signature containing your contact information. Don't forget to CC your Faculty Advisor if you have one;
  • Your E-mail Subject should include: Submission Reason; Protocol Number [if already assigned], PI's Last Name, and Study Title;
  • Do not CC any IRB Staff in your submission e-mail;
  • PI must sign the form (Faculty Advisor must also sign, if applicable);
  • Sign the hardcopy of your form and scan it or include an electronic signature (typed signatures are not acceptable);
  • Student Investigators must include their Faculty Advisor’s signature And CC them when e-mailing their submission to the IRB;
  • No ZIP files;
  • We Do Not accept faxed submissions (Contact the IRB if there are special circumstances);
  • One protocol per e-mailed submission and one protocol per application;
  • Do Not Reply to the E-Mail Box;
  • Electronic Signatures and/or handwritten, scanned signatures are acceptable; Typed names for signatures are not acceptable;
  • Do NOT send a hardcopy of an e-mailed submission;
  • If you need to resubmit/add a document, do not send it to the e-mail box ; E-Mail us directly to prevent duplicate submissions;

Investigator Response to Reviewer Comments

Do not send Revisions / Response to Reviewer Comments after a reviewed submission to the e-mail system inbox.

Instead, only reply back to the IRB Administrator that requested the Changes/Additional Information. Please include the following in your e-mail subject: "Investigator Response to Reviewer Comments: [ADD Your Protocol # & PI Last Name]".