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If at any time it becomes necessary to modify a previously approved active study, the Principal Investigator must submit information regarding that change to the IRB for review and approval. An amendment request is required to be submitted for any addition, deletion, and/or revision to any study material that was not previously reviewed and approved by the IRB.

Any deviation from the approved research protocol must be reviewed by the IRB prior to implementation of those changes.

Eligible Types of Studies

  • Exempt
  • Expedited
  • Full-Board

Examples of Revisions

  • Addition/removal of any study personnel
  • Addition/removal of Research Site
  • Update to Contact Information on flyer
  • Change of wording on Consent Form
  • Revised Study protocol
  • Revised Study Title
  • Change of Study Principal Investigator
  • Addition/Removal of a question in your survey

***Not an Exhaustive List


For studies currently in eIRB, submit your request using eIRB.
For a current paper studies, complete a paper form with any other applicable documents and email your submission package to your local IRB.


IRB Deadlines